Our method
Green & Human Centered
Transition methodology​

GHCT is our innovative method and way of thinking on how to reconcile ever changing business needs and customers’ expectations with environmental sustainability.

It is based on the assumption that sustainable innovations arise from clear understanding of the needs and problems concerning two main categories:

  • Society – customers, users, employees, citizens
  • Environment – all local ecosystems across the company’s entire value chain

Our innovation strategies are ready to implement thanks to the use of scientific knowledge and modern technologies, including the use of alternative materials or deep data analytics and automation in accordance with the purpose of the project.

Thanks to this approach we define the goals and development opportunities of our clients, and then we design products, services and communication.

We create interdisciplinary teams that meet the client’s needs.

What is Green
& Human Centered Transition?

GHCT is a framework for activities aimed at developing green and responsible business solutions.


We help organisations create strategies and solutions that drive business value and become environmentally aware. We understand business needs and goals.


We keep people at the center of our work. We use data and analysis to understand people’s needs and cultural environment.

Science and technology

We are at the forefront of creating change through technology and science. These help us to deliver big and innovative ideas.

Natural environment

We develop methods that minimize the negative impact of business practices on the environment. We believe it is a priority in the value chain and the resilience of the business model.


GHCT approach is the response to challenges faced by companies. Our work enables businesses to transform, adapt and grow in a rapidly changing environment.

Innovations created in the GHCT model help organisations drive sustainable development and become more resilient to future challenges.

The significant shift will take place considering the upcoming legal and economic changes, as well as the UE new financial perspective including ‘Green Frameworks’:

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